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Why a Holiday in Italy Is a Must for Every Travel Enthusiast

If you are looking for a good reason for planning a holiday in Italy this amazing place is definitely going to spoil you with unlimited choices! Italy is a wonderful amalgamation of stunning locales, architecture and rich culture which has transformed this place into a year round vacation spot for travelers from all across the globe. The country has such diverse experiences to offer that tourists are now being able to avail cheap holidays to Italy very easily and without much bother at all. What’s more with the country’s tourism industry flourishing like never before renting out beautiful Italian villas for whole seasons has now become a very popular and budget friendly option for vacationers.

Stunning Scenic Locations

Located in the south of Europe, Italy is home to some of the most spectacular alpine ranges, pristine beaches, gorgeous lakes and lush green national parks all of which offer a variety of diverse destinations for planning a holiday in Italy. Tourists can avail some great vacation options through cheap beach holidays amongst which the beaches across Sicily like those of Mondello and Taormina are some of the most beautiful and budget friendly seaside destinations.

If you love the tranquility of a lakeside vacation then you are on for a delightful surprise as there are some gorgeous Italian lakes holidays for you to choose from especially the magnificent Lake Como and Lake Garda in the north of Italy surrounded by beautiful chestnut woods! If you are in love with the wilderness you must plan for holidays to Sardinia and Puglia which are home to a number of impressive national parks having some of the most diverse endemic flora and fauna in Europe.

Rich Culture and History

Another great reason for planning a holiday in Italy is the country’s rich culture and history. Venice and Florence are a must see destination for every museum aficionado while the capital city of Rome is steeped in the history of its imperial past. Visiting Rome is akin to stepping back in time and makes for a truly beautiful romantic option for a holiday in Italy. The lovely city of Palermo in Sicily is divinely rich in history, art and music and is especially famous for its Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque churches, palaces and buildings, and its vibrant nightlife and music.

Mouth Watering Cuisine

Every tourist who plans a holiday in Italy seldom goes back without falling in love with its cuisine. Italian cuisine is one of the most superior culinary forms in the whole world and even for travelers planning on cheap holidays to Italy can experience a gastronomical extravaganza in this country. The romantic city of Naples is one of the best places to try authentic Italian food including a tantalizing variety of pizzas, lasagnas and pastas. And how can we forget that the country produces some of the most fabulous wines such as the highly acclaimed Amarone, Barolo and Chianti!

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